Some necessary TOOTING!

Once again I have been singled out for a blogging “award”. Actually twice, once for each of my blogs. I am not sure this particular awarding counts seeing as it was my sister who done did the awarding (hey it’s my blog and if I wanna go all ungrammaticlike I can!) It’s all set already sis, I told you I would babysit!! 😛

But as much as I am not a fan of chain awards, I do appreciate the thought behind them when sincerely meant. So while I will most likely stop this poor unsuspecting award in its tracks here, I still will acknowledge it and follow the “directions” just a tad.

THE SMALL PRINT (slightly paraphrased):

  1. Though shalt post the bright and shiny on YOUR blog.
  2. Thou shalt thank the sweet soul who decided you were worthy and link back to their blog.
  3. Thou shalt toot the horns of five other worthy recipients and make sure they know you have been tooting, and …
  4. Though shalt encourage aforementioned tooted types do to some tooting of their own.

Here goes!

  1. For up and coming blogs with less than 200 followers.

    As my sister pointed out about herself, I am not sure I AM up and coming (get your mind out of the gutter!!). My brief dancing with notice a few weeks back makes me wonder if I even really want to be. Too much responsibility!

  2. Thanks sister mine! Being the amazing and thoughtful writer that you are it is always appreciated that you think my stuff is worth a look/see (am I impressing everyone with my masterful use of words yet?) Since it has been a whole half an inch since I linked to you, I want to make sure all of my devoted readers go here to see your art.
  3. The truth of the matter is I really don’t follow all that many blogs with any regularity. I have enough trouble not being distracted by shiny objects as it is! The few I do follow are already listed among the pantheon of blogging gods (or at least demigods) so my meager addition of five new readers will probably go unnoticed anyway. If I have ever stopped by your blog and left my mark (even if it is just a “Like”) then TOOT TOOT! You deserve recognition in my book!!
  4. TOOT away folks. You wouldn’t even be doing this blogging thang if you did not know the POWER OF THE BLOG! Go out there and let the world know about all your blogging buddies that are inadvertently being overlooked. TOOT loudly I tells ya!!

I have said before I would rather know that my words moved one person in some way than to think they have been simply glossed over by a thousand. Granted I would likely be doing some crazy dancing if my words moved a thousand people in some way, but I will be content with just one. But thanks again to any who do read and are moved. Makes it all worthwhile in the end.