Some random thoughts on peace

Since I am once again channelling my inner Don Quixote, the world … especially the internet world, has shifted in my sights again. It is aways interesting to me how our vision will shift according to what we want, or better yet need, to see. Of course one has to be willing to actually see, and not just look for such shifts to be truly effective. As I am slowly planting the seeds for what someday I hope to become a garden of change, I have already been fortunate enough to cross paths with some similar dreamers; folk who have already planted their own seeds and have flowers to show for it. For instance, I ran across this growing community:

which not only compliments my own dream, but is a damned good idea anyway. I just want to point these guys out, because I believe community is key. I also believe that the community I have been blessed to become a part of … the blogging world in general, and more specifically those bloggers who have become my friends, and in a way maybe even family, is a wise and wonderful community; a community that itself has the great ability to move and change hearts. I believe that many of them would love to join in another worthwhile effort, one they are all in their own way promoting anyway. So I do my best to introduce everyone:

Friends and “family”, meet Bloggers for Peace. Bloggers for Peace, meet my friends and family.

The truth is peace comes in many forms, and each in its own way is necessary for peace to truly happen on worldwide scale. Whether we are trying to encourage mass policy change, or simply find inner peace, we all ultimately have the same goal. For the true path to a wiser and better human world is individual wiser and better humans. We must first conquer our own demons, and find that which makes us happy and whole, before we can take on the rest of the world. Those  of us who succeed in this difficultly simple task, can then be the examples for others to follow.

Change can truly only happen one person at a time. But the beauty is as more people change themselves, more people will see that it not only CAN happen, but actually works. A domino effect will eventually become a nuclear reaction, and before you know it the world will be in a golden age.

This post brought to you by an overwhelming desire for change.