Somebody has been writing on my computer again!

In the aftermath of my failed experiment with travelling the world …

Wait a sec. Let’s start that again. Is an experiment a failure just because it does not have the hoped for results?

SNAP!! Take 2

Now that I am reorganizing as I start the newest adventures in my journey of life, I find I have much to do. In my recent travels, I obtained a laptop to store photos and write on, which got left behind for a few months. I have it back now, and am in the process of getting things consolidated and up to date on ALL my resources. In the process, I came across this little gem … a piece that could be turned into yet another story. On first reading it, my reaction was, “Who the hell wrote this?” But I soon recognized it as my own, and the memories of actually WRITING it started to resurface. It is not a complete story by any means, but it seemed worth a share. So, if ya have some time on your hands take a gander at this

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