Spelling be

"spellingEye am knot very good with spelling. Partly because eye can knot type very well. Fortunately oui have the technology … oui can rebuild words. Their is of coarse the hole issue of autocorrects with minds of there own, but in general, it is helpful to half those spell checkers on hour side.

Eye half off ten noticed though, that if oui are knot paying proper attention, oui mite find hour self falling in ay trap. As with many technological short cuts, oui tend too rely two much on the smart machines, witch can off ten bee the cause of difficulty. Oui seem to forget how too due things on hour own, end might knot even notice that oui half maid any miss steaks!

The results are off ten pretty funny though. Like when sum won walks in two an automatic door that did not open. As long as ewe ask them if they are oh Kay ewe are allowed two laugh. It is an unspoken rule! Sins eye half knot had many laughing moments lately, I figured I would due a little commentary on this phenomenon. I am shore many off ewe half encountered errors like these. I always makes me want two either strangle sum body ore laugh, depending on what the miss steak really is.

I no this is knot really a humerus post, butt watt can eye due? Ass much ass I wood love two laugh at life on ay daily basis, sum times it is just knot all that funny. Butt I felt the knead to right sum thing sew hear eye am!