St. Squeak and the Dragon … Electrolux

It was a beautiful day today, one of the first for this spring … finally. So of course our intrepid adventurer Squeak had a field day with going outside. Everybody in the house found some motivation today. Even dad sat outside for a bit.

I was out and about adventuring on my own, possibly another story. We opened windows and doors, letting some fresh air in. Lucky sat on her favorite perch at the back door, enjoying the fresh air. Mom decided to do some spring cleaning. Which means pulling out …

""Dun dun dunnnnn …

The Beast.

The vacuum, Electrolux, came out of his cave.

Lucky, who I guess would be the damsel in distress in this story, fled for safety. Staid Gracie just eyed Electrolux, and was happy as long as Electrolux did not bother her.

But our brave Squeak … he prepared for battle.

The moment Electrolux started growling, Squeak made for the back door. And knocked. He can’t quite open the door himself, at least from the outside. So Mom let him in. And Squeak started keeping and eye on Electrolux, ensuring he behaved. Every time Electrolux started hunting, with his vicious growl, Squeak would charge, swatting at Electrolux with his mighty Squeak paws, roaring his mighty Squeak roar. And then he would retreat.

It was a noble sight!

Of course he never managed to defeat the dragon, but it was not from a lack of effort!

How DID we survive Spring cleaning in the pre-Squeak days?