Steak anyone?

One of my blogging buddies does a regular post about the horrible events continuously being reveled in his local Crime Blotter. If you want a giggle … er … um … a glimpse of the dark side of humanity ya might want to take a peek.

But one of the events on said blotter reminded me of something that happened the other day. Must have been the weekend because my mom was home during the day. I was up in my room doing my up in the room things. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Now in this house a knock on the door is either a delivery or someone trying to save our cursed souls (with a very rare occasion of an actual guest). None of which happens very often, so it is kind of an event. But mom seemed to have it under control, so I curbed my curiosity and continued doing my up in the room things.

""A little later I went down for some reason ( I actually do leave my room occasionally) and while there asked mom who was at the door, expecting it was a delivery of some clothes that had been ordered recently.

"Some guy trying to sell me some meat," she answers. Now when I asked I was basically in just making conversation mode, so wasn’t really all that focused on her answer. However, for some reason this caught my attention. I mean who would think a door to door meat salesman an oddity in a suburban neighborhood?

So I asked her to elaborate a bit.

She said this guy knocks at the door, and asks her if she wants some steaks. Mom, being wise in the ways of meat, said "No thanks". The guy then proceeded to offer fish instead. Mom, being the skeptic she is, declined again. Not sure why she was concerned, his unmarked rent a trailer being clean and all. It is not like we are many miles from the nearest hunting and fishing. Oh wait we are.

If only I had read my friend’s post sooner I would have realized that the proper response to random meat selling men is to call 911. I wouldn’t want the local constabulary to feel left out after all!