Structure vs Dogma

An idea that has to be forced down another’s throat is not a worthy idea.

We have proven this time and again, yet we still insist on forcing ideas on those that do not agree with us. Why is this? Does it give us a feeling of personal power to change someone else to our mode of thinking by force? If an idea cannot be accepted on its own merits, then its merits are suspect. That said, not everyone will actually see the merits of a good idea, because they are blinded by their own choices. Or worse yet, have been forced by others to accept BAD ideas, and are afraid? … unwilling? … unable? … to break away from them. Good should never have to be forced. If force becomes necessary … is it really good?

It does not fit ... should we force it?
It does not fit … should we force it?

There is a difference between structure in an organized group, and dogma. Structure provides guidelines so that those ideas that may actually be subject to personal interpretation are commonly understood by all. Such guidelines are meant to make sure all are on the same page, thus ensuring that the community in question runs smoothly, and keeps everyone at the very least content. However, when the word of those guidelines become more important than their reason for being, we start stepping into the realm of dogma. There is nothing good about dogma. Dogma is trying to mold something malleable into a rigid shape. Dogma is more focused on the structure, than what the structure is meant to support. Dogma tries to force round pegs into square holes, and does not care what damage it may do in the process. Dogma is the paste that holds together organized religion. Dogma is the core of conservative politics. Dogma is the seed of closed minds and the spark that starts conflict. And we are surrounded by it. It is one of the most dangerous forces that we as humans have to deal with to move forward, and many of us are totally blinded by it. More laws don’t resolve issues when the issues themselves are not truly understood, or worse yet ignored or deemed not real. Yet we insist over and ver again of holding on to ideas that DO NOT WORK, and try to reinforce these ideas by force.

Force is NEVER a lasting solution. The very laws of physics tell us that force will eventually come back. Force is returned by force. This is NOT the way for forward progress.

So what can we do about it? Stop trying to fix things with new laws; new rules. Take a close look at the laws and rules that are already considered inviolate and determine their actual value in the world we live in TODAY (not the world of 200 years ago, or 2000 years ago). Learn to make our own choices, and not think something is absolute simple because it has been written in a book of law. If any law or rule is subject to multiple interpretations, than it has little value, especially if many don’t even agree with it. Therefore it should not be more powerful than what it is meant to protect. And finally, instead of trying to convince people of the “right” way to live by forceful methods … how about we DEMONSTRATE it. Those who are willing to learn WILL learn. Those willfully blinded by dogma will never be able to see beyond it. Because they do not CHOOSE to. Attempting to force them too will only cause them to fight back harder.