Synonymously speaking …

I was thinking when I woke up this morning. Or perhaps this one was cogitating when he arose this dawn.

And what was all the cerebrating about?

Word play. Or maybe it was phrase utilization.

It is that time in the challenge for the S post. But what should I announce in the contest for the 19th letter at this moment?

I had a thought. And idea even.

This language of ours is very flexible. I would even dare say our mode of speech is quite adaptable.

So why not write something about synonyms? I could even compose a bit on words with similar meanings.

Dare I? If this one presumes, my adoring fans might cringe. Assuming I have any followers who love my stuff. Though I wouldn’t want anyone to flinch.

Perhaps I should choose a different topic. Maybe even pick another subject! One not as painful. Less torturous.

But where is the fun in that? What amusement?

Best restrain my mischievous side. Suppress my impishness.

OK I am done. Finished even.

(And some thought my A post hurt)