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Walking in place

What exactly IS adventure? A dictionary definition is “an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity”, but does that really give us the full meaning? Adventure falls into the same category as other, life changing yet often sought after mysteries, such as love, happiness, and hope. Each of these concepts is ultimately defined by the […]

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Clarity of vision

[mapsmarker marker=”38″] Day: 31 Trail miles: 150.7 The more I embrace this adventure, the more I truly understand why I am here. Some are devoted to ensuring they walk along every inch of the trail so they can say they truly walked the WHOLE trail. The purists want to do it in proper order too. […]

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#atozchallenge: Crazy is as Crazy does

“You’re crazy!!” For some reason that particular phrase is aimed at me quite often. I don’t really get why. Sure I used to be called the Test Dummy when I was younger. What of it? And what is wrong with going on vacation and not coming back for four or five months? Who DOESN’T do […]

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