Tag: reverse discrimination

A quick rant …

Why is it that internet trolls can rant and rave anywhere they want … in the process defaming people and hurting feelings …. with no repercussions, and someone who borrows a few innocuous pictures (which is effectively a compliment) gets their blog shut down? Why can haters who spout nonsense about how oppressed they are, using this as an […]

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Ostriches … a rant in O

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I haven’t had a good ole fist shaking, spit spraying rant in a while, so feel I am about due. This particular rant brought on by something my sister said in her recent post, a chat convo I had with a friend yesterday, and the wonderful yet sadly neglected by me blogs reinventing the event horizon and THE […]

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