Tall tales to tempt

""Recently my days have become rather routine. I wake up nice and early with the sun … and promptly roll over and go back to sleep. I then wake up again in a while later, and in an effort to pretend that I am actually going to do something useful pick up my phone and do something like check my email. After finding the 1 email in the 300 that is actually legitimate, I then, a bit despairing of humanity and not really ready to face the day, check FB, the multitude of games I play on my phone, and finally the addictive social game that I play that serves no purpose other than ensuring I don’t, in fact, get anything useful done. Oh and I turn on cartoons.

Depending on the quality of the experience, I will then proceed to waste time for another 3 hours (or roll over and get back to sleep). Either way, usually by lunch time I am ready to briskly start my day. The first thing I do … after actually getting out of bed, doing the daily unmentionable stuff, and eating lunch … ok the third thing I do is to sit at my computer to figure out what great deeds I will perform for the day. Once again I need to sift through the masses of junk mail to see if there is anything worth noting. Which invariable means I again lose all hope for humanity and avoid doing anything for another few hours, this time probably watching all sorts of silly videos on the computer.

In case you did not notice, there seems to be a trend here. I have decided that the downfall of humanity will not actually be bureaucracy, though bureaucracy is definitely in the evil horde army, but ….



I mean how can we start our day without the FBI warning us that if we don’t file the proper paperwork on the box of 10.5 million dollars at that airport we will be arrested as a terrorist. Of course the FBI has our email address and will gladly warn us of our misdeeds from a random Hotmail address so that if we are actually criminals we have plenty of time to flee. Or maybe it is another dying billionaire who is repenting of their evil ways and can tell from our email address what a good worthy soul we are (despite what the FBI says).

Fortunately if I can not find enough reason for doubting that humankind does not actually have enough SENSE to survive from the abundance of idiotic, greed driven emails, I can always find other sources of senseless garbage. There is always the daily barrage of spam comments on my blog, telling me what a fantastic writer I am and guaranteeing vast fame and fortune if I just go to THIS website (that is if it is in any recognizable form of english). Or perhaps, the random phone call ensuring that I pay less on the mortgage that I don’t actually have.

The sad but funny thing is I have actually received all of these … and many more. I am not sure if I should be amused that the creators of this garbage think people are so stupid, or scared because they may be right.