Tasty treat, a Settle in Sunday post

Today is the last day of one adventure, and the first day of another (one yet to be determined). Today is Settle in Sunday, the final post in the Week of Words Blog Challenge. While I have rarely had a conventional schedule with traditional “weekends”, because of the culture I grew up in, Sundays have always been “the day the world stopped” for me. Even in those times when I actually work on a Sunday, it still had an aura of “laziness” about it, as if it were not a real workday. This post is to share my recipe for the ideal Sunday. This is my recipe … it might not appeal to all tastes, but it sure is yummy to me!


  • 1 shut off alarm clock
  • at least 12 unclaimed hours
  • optional but recommended: 1 remote, a choice of movies and or books
  • a minimum of 1 pinch of love (flavor to taste though)
  • as many family members as you can handle


  1. place a few hours in a bed. stir repeatedly until all the sleepiness has been smoothed out.
  2. upon waking look at alarm clock and laugh.
  3. if you chose to use a remote, add another hour or two of your preferred electronic device. For extra flavor, also add in a few helpings of movies or books at this point.
  4. put in bed for at least another hour.
  5. spice up mixture with preferred amount of family.
  6. test the mixture, and add any spices or flavorings until satisfied.
  7. repeatedly add love to taste.
  8. when the mixture is the right consistence, put back in bed for at least 8 hours.
  9. freeze the result for a week. repeat the procedure until the desert is as you desire. In case it is not quite there yet, it may be necessary to remix all the ingredients for at least a week. Changing of the flavors that are added in once in a while is highly recommended.

I have found this to produce a very flavorful result on some days … but sometimes if I don’t use fresh ingredients it tends to get stale. It is sometimes refreshing to mix it into a salad and have multiple offerings. But that can overwhelm at times.

I hope others try this to me very satisfying recipe. I suspect many of you will find it almost as tasty as I do!