Terrorist Threat!

One of my favorite pastimes is to wander around and about with my camera, taking pictures of whatever catches my eyes. I have even managed to convince a few people I actually have some skill with the thing. It is a great way to explore one’s creative side, as well as refresh the soul. My preference is nature photography, but there is always something to point a camera at, even in the "civilized" world.

Of course there are different techniques involved depending on where you are playing with a camera. Taking a picture of that extremely irate grizzly bear charging at you is very different from taking one of a relaxed street sign. That said, I have decided to share a few notes on photography in civilization that some might find useful.

Tips for walking around taking photos in a town or city:

  1. Don’t actually walk anywhere. That is apparently suspicious.
  2. Don’t carry a camera! That is pretty much a guarantee that you are a ne’er-do-well with evil in mind. Definitely suspicious.
  3. If you choose to ignore points 1 and 2 (at your own risk), then it is wise to make sure that you don’t actually aim a camera in the directions of any human. That defines you as a creep. And suspicious.
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    If you notice anything camera worthy in front of, say , a school or an unlabeled nice looking building, by all means keep walking. Otherwise you are suspicious.

  5. When you actually don’t keep walking and take several pics of the photo worthy object, don’t coincidentally finish and walk away just as an extremely paranoid looking gentleman walks out of said school or unlabeled nice looking building. That is definitely suspicious.
  6. As you continue to casually wander along, taking pics here and there, don’t be at all surprised when a police officer pulls you over (even though you are walking). That MIGHT be suspicious.
  7. When said officer asks for an ID, have something other than a beat up passport. That is practically an admission of guilt.
  8. When the police officer explains that the unlabeled nice looking building is actually one of the largest gold depositories in the nation and they really don’t like cameras pointed their way, be completely surprised! That might just save your suspicious ass!

Ok fellow photo buffs! Hope these tips help ya. Go get em! And try not to get shot or arrested!