The Blogkuza

A couple of years ago, I had a jaded and very misinformed view of blogging. I equated bloggers with critics and used car salesmen. I thought of them as self-important people who had more to say than most actually wanted to hear.

Of course since this described me well I was wondering why it took me so long to start a blog.

At first my blog was intended as a collecting place for all the things that I had written in my life that had never been read by another soul (namely 90% of it). I was now willing to share my inner-self with the masses, so figured I would make it easy. Ironically, most of that stuff has been seldom read, even now two years later.

With suggestions from my Blogging Godess Sister, I started following a couple of blogs, making occasional comments to get my “face” out there. And I started writing things that the ocasional person actually wanted to read. Thanks to my sister and input from the renowned Sandy Ormsby (Ahhsome), the next thing I know I had two blogs and a small following. A very small following but a following nonetheless.

Little did I know what I had truly gotten myself into.

It is now apparent that I have found myself the member of a … you may want to sit down here because it is shocking … I found that I am a member of a very powerful and seductive …


Yep. Who knew that I would find myself a whole slew of brothers, sisters, cousins, and even the occasional step-mom or dad. With more popping up every time I click a link! And the really scary thing, is that this family is bonded so strongly that ne’er-do-wells and scofflaws, hooligans and thugs with any sense whatsoever will beware.

“Don’t mess wit da family!!”

We are a collection of seemingly mismatched souls who laugh together, cry together, stand on soap boxes together … and even if we disagree we do it with luv! Some of the distant cousins may only say hello once in a while, but they are just as much part of the family as the next. And one thing that will always happen, when one family member sends out an S.O.S. (even if they don’t know that they are), the whole family will jump in their armor, grab the nearest weapon and jump on their trusty steed to charge to the rescue. Granted the armor may be a bathrobe, the weapon a keyboard or a pen, and the steed a comfy chair, but you get my point.

“Don’t mess wit da family!!”

The recent dissing of one of my new brothers  brought so many family members to the surface that the poor quaking soul who stared it all should be hiding under his bed if he had any sense. I even encountered a couple of new members to the family. Members that I had seen afar before but never truly approached until now.

Tongue and cheek aside, it is good for the soul that such a family can, and does exist. In a world where distrust and hatred have become the keywords, it is truly wonderful to be part of a group of people united by common interests; a group of people who together can actually shift the world one step further back to trust. And love.

So to all my family members out there (including the ones I have not yet crossed paths with) I got your back!

“Don’t mess wit da family!!”