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Together ...
Together …

One of the difficulties of being an idealist is that life and ideal don’t always mix. The simple reality is that IDEAL often takes a lot of work. This may be part of the reason that much of the human world is not really the way idealists would have it. It also does not help that what may be ideal for one might not be so ideal for another. So how do we determine what should change? How do we pick what battles to fight? That is often a difficult question. Having a similar point of view; a common ethical system does not mean that like-minded people always agree on everything. That is the beauty of acceptance. We can agree to disagree and still respect each other.

Of course one person alone cannot even come close to changing all that they perceive as wrong in the world. If those of us who seek change supported every cause that came our way, we would have very little time for our own lives, and most likely not truly be effective anywhere. Unfortunately many people still try this. That is part of the reason I am trying to create this community. So many people have the option to work together to help change what we as humans think needs changing. Even if we don’t agree on everything, I believe that there are certain ideals that most people with conscience can agree upon. For example:

  • All life has value.

  • Violence is never a solution.

  • All individuals have a basic right to live life healthily and without fear.

So again, how do we pick and chose our battles. Well the first step is to be willing to actively do something. And to recognize that we are not alone in that desire. Where one person may fail, many will have a chance. The key is to help and support each other. That is the community PAX Nation eventually hopes to achieve. Right now I am still one idealistic and hopeful man with a few who maybe think I have some good ideas. But I will keep plugging, and maybe people will eventually start more actively joining me. In the mean time, I am creating another section of the slowly growing internet nation, devoted to what we (not just me) would like to see change in the world. There is so much strife; so much that is plain wrong, that the list may eventually be a huge one. But we will do what we can, one issue at a time. Here is the spot we each can express our choices of battles. Here we can find those who are willing to help, or offer our own help to others that may need it. No problem can be solved if we don’t even know that it exists. Share issued you have encountered, even if it may seem small. Sometimes the most effective change starts with solving simple problems.