The dangers of "civilization"

One of the oddities about writing a blog based on life is the more one actually “lives” said life, the less blogging they will do. When that blogger actually has a whole gaggle of blogs, it becomes even more of a challenge. Ironically the one blog that probably has the most subject matter … the one devoted to how funny life can be (in case you are lost, that is THIS blog) … seems to be the one that has been abandoned the most. I am now here to rectify that (at least for a moment).

As I may (or may not) have mentioned, my brief stroll has turned into more of a walk-about. For those who are wondering what THAT it, basically it is an aboriginal concept of wandering the world … on foot of course … hoping that we will actually figure OURSELVES out in the process. Being the bright soul that I am, I naturally shifted to this purpose as the weather headed into winter. My wisdom was unmatched when I decided to stay put for the winter months. Did I choose a nice, sunny, warm island climate? Absolutely … not. I instead found one of the most wintry states I could, and made sure that I lodged in the most inconvenient location I could find in the process.

I know that one of the most commonly DISLIKED chores of the human world is doing laundry. I have been known to buy new clothes rather than actually wash the old ones. However in my current state of non-income drain on my family, I have to save my very limited funds for more practical things … you know like hanging out at the bar and such. So augmenting my rather limited wardrobe is no longer a valid anti-laundry method.

Fortunately I have a better one … the simple fact that I have absolutely NO CASH. The nearest functional cash machine is a couple of mile trudge through snow at least 8 feet deep (up hill both ways of course). So I have been forced to wear the same clothes over and over for weeks. Thankfully the cold has kept them relatively unripe. I even look like I belong to this blog now!

It is the best of irony that I had less trouble doing laundry when I lived in the woods than now that I am plop in the middle of the civilized world.