The first step

I am often at war with MYSELF. I will do something MYSELF does not like (which might piss ME off as well), and I will prance around all proud, meanwhile ME and MYSELF are wondering, “What the hell did I do that for?” This invariably ends up with an argument, and all three of us being the stubborn cusses that we are … eventually full on war will break out. As with any war, this can reek havoc for all and sundry, most notably those NOT involved with the conflict.

It is never a pretty sight.

Humor aside, this seems to be how the whole world operates … with as little sense behind it. War is the ultimate failing of the human condition. It combines all of the WORST aspects of human nature in the most destructive way possible, with the benefits rarely worth the harm to life and property. Sadly there are those who continue to fan the flames, usually for personal profit, though sometimes it might be misguided ideology. With greed and selfishness being another strong human trait, is peace ever possible?

As long as those of us who value life and the growth of ALL of humanity over the selfish desires of the few work for it, of course it is possible. But it may be a long process … one day at a time. One organization that recognizes this is moving to make September 21 Peace One Day , one day of the year dedicated to an end to all hostilities, that hopefully will become two, then three, etc. A worthy cause. In honor of this goal, we have today’s 100 Word Challenge for Grownups:

This week’s prompt:

Who will you make peace with?

“Who is the enemy?”

The Angry Man answered, “Isn’t it obvious?”

“Why are they the enemy?”

“Because the media and my government says so!” shouted The Angry Man. “They are evil! They will destroy our way of life!”

“They are different!” he continued, “They threaten my comfort.”

And then he paused.

“I fear them.”

“Are these reasons for war? Is peace not possible?”

The Agitated Man answered, “Maybe!? I am not sure ”

“Who will you make peace with?”

Stepping away from the mirror, The Thoughtful Man answered, “I will start with myself.”