The Halloween Protection Racket!

It’s time for the first Lizzie post. And what better day to demonstrate desire fulfillment and persuasion than Halloween? Well, except maybe Christmas.

Take a good look at what is going on. A bunch of potential hooligans running around in disguise threatening mayhem unless you cough up a bag full of instant gratification. Or is that the definition of capitalism? Now-a-days these ne’er-do-wells get even more clever at the art of persuasion. They disguise themselves as impossibly cute little nuggets of human flesh that make it difficult to deny … well … anything.

Of course I am jealous!


So yesterday, despite Mother Nature’s attempt to protect the unsuspecting masses from this wave of candy loving demons (at least locally), I went on the extortion tour with my niece and her dad. She dressed as Snoopy in his classic Red Barron Costume. Her dad was Charlie Brown in his Ghost costume. And I of course was … Woodstock! Who else?


Sarah (the niece) was at first reluctant to actually do the deed. That first door intimidated her mightily! But after a timid knock, followed by a pleasant smile and first choice of prime loot … well lets just say after that we had to run to keep up with her.


We started a little too early so it was at first not easy to tell who was a willing victim. But despite being followed around by a terrifying bird thing on steroids, Sarah managed to get quite the haul.

Of course when she went home this morning, the whole chest of booty went with her! No fair I tells ya!!