The High Tech Zoo

The scream of the pocket beastie startled me awake. I lay for a bit, letting my eyes focus.  I then communed with the fruit bat to see what information it was willing to share.  I forced myself out of bed, and headed downstairs for a bit o’ food.  Stuck some in the mouth of the wall beast to warm the food up.  The wall beast squealed when the food was warm enough.  Done with my breakfast, I grabbed the vibrating stick bug and brushed my teeth.  Got my stuff together, and headed out to jump into the road dragon.  The dragon purred as it always did as it took me to work.  It also sang to me (when it wasn’t trying to sell me something).  There were a lot of other dragons about this morning, and many of them were downright rude. Surviving the journey among dragons, I spent the day in a blessedly critter free zone (though there was an unnecessary surplus of pocket beasties).  Much better then the days gone by of wrestling with herds of desk vampires. Time to go home, I checked with my own pocket beastie to see if it had heard from any of its pals and wanted to share with me.  Then after another test of survival among grumpy road dragons (more then this morning), I arrived home with a sigh of relief.  Went inside, grabbed a snack from the polar creature, and rested in front of the hypnobeast, occasionally tickling the fruit back.  I let the fruit bat rest, as the hypnobeast once again seduced me into somnolence.  Pausing for dinner (the wall beast was sleeping so was not involved), I again used the vibrating stick bug, and returned to the sway of the hypnobeast, until I drifted off to sleep. Fortunately for me I sleep fairly easily, because my contact with the vast technology jungle is fairly limited these days.