The iPhone exercise program

Since I have been house bound for so long, I have definitely not been exercising as I should. It does not help that I am doing all this writing and other activities that are keeping me on the computer. I am most definitely developing “writer’s butt!”

This is not only making me feel like crap physically, but it is also affecting my mood. Which means I start doing the old comfort food thing, expanding the problem so to speak. Before I let this get completely out of control, I decided this weekend to do something about it.

Enter the handy new toy.

Rumor has it they have an app for that.

So I went to the handy app store and downloaded a few new apps to get my body in shape. Well in a shape other than that of a pear.

I found a couple of nifty little apps. For one I can use my iPhone to check my pulse. That can come in handy. But I also found a series of related exercise apps that will focus on different body parts that can be done daily; in as little as five minutes if you desire. The series also has an aerobic workout and a Yoga app. Sounded ideal!

I figured I would try them out for the first time today. I am thinking 5 minutes of each should not be too hard, with the Yoga app as a good stretch and warm down.

Silly me.

I started with the aerobic exercises to get the blood flowing. Five minutes later, I was gasping for breath, not even sure I had the strength to call 911.

Next I opted for the ab program. At least I could lie down for that! Five minutes later, my twitching and agonized body was screaming at me for the evil I was perpetrating on it!

Deeming I had enough for one day (hey I had been at it for 10 minutes now) I figured the other body parts could wait for another day for their torture session. I would wind down with some yoga. That couldn’t be too bad right?

The lowest session for yoga is twenty minutes. It has video of how to do the moves, as well as an audio explanation. I do the first move and it is nice and relaxing and easy to do. However the second position apparently requires a degree in yoga-ology and the flexibility of a rubber doll. And that was only the second position.

Seems I found a good set of exercises that will whip me into shape nicely. The problem is I will have to workout at a gym for a year to be in shape to do my exercises!