The meds must have worn off!

Once upon a time I was a fit kind of guy. Back in the days when I actually got off the computer once in a while and got more exercise than the trek to the ‘fridge. I even was something resembling athletic. And could loosely be called flexible in the right company. The combination of a freak car juggling accident, a debaucherous life catching up with me, and let’s face it pure laziness, has somewhat de -athleticized and stiffened me up a bit. I do have delusions of correcting this on occasion, but it has not happened yet.

Back in those days, I used to go dancing a lot. For a while I went out dancing every weekend. I am one of those dancers that has the crowd forming circles around them. Wether from fear of getting hurt by flailing limbs or because it was somehow entertaining is not always clear. But generally it was clearly NOT out of admiration. Being somewhat athletic and able to "really bend like that", it was definitely something to behold. If I am not being completely clear I tend to have fun on the dance floor.

It has been some time since I have had an opportunity to put my dancing shoes on. Clearly I have not lost my touch, though I have most definitely lost my stamina. Sadly for my viewing public I have some video for your laughter … er … um … enjoyment.


I know. Hot! Sadly that pretty much whipped me for the evening. I will be bedridden for at least another six months after that effort!