Do you want to read a self indulgent bit of babbling that used to be the About Me page and for some reason I cannot just abandon? Not for the faint of heart (or easily bored) …

If not

Who IS that guy anyway?

The boring (?) truth …

“That guy”, who also is THIS GUY (the one writing this blurb) is just an ordinary guy who occasionally surprises himself with a bit of ETRAordinary. When he does not confuse such occurrences with gas or other unsightly physical discomforts, he runs with it until the effect peters out (which often happens pretty quickly). The ultimate result is this … and a slew of other … websites devoted to creation and living life. That pretty much sums me up.


Takes you to another website!

If you would like to get in touch with me for some reason feel free. Many of my posts may make me seem like a grouchy ogerish kind of guy who does not like people … and sometimes I CAN be. But I still like to chat with folk! Drop me a line if you want!

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