The out of the Ins

The more I am becoming a writer, the less I seem to write. Odd that. My current status as man on walk-about has me doing more thinking about what I want to write than actual writing, which is not very productive and rather frustrating too. But I seem to be slipping back into an actual writing what I am going to write mode again, so as often is the case, I am stimulating my writing muscles by one again taking on the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups. This week’s challenge:

… checking in proved to be…

This seems an ironically appropriate reentry into the 100WCGU world, considering I am travelling and living in a hotel. But me being me, I figured I would go with a slightly different twist. Enjoy …

The In family was having an argument. The Ins were often in the outs. The argument was basically a silly one. Looking said, “It is not! I saw nothing on the telly about it!”

Moving twitched with irritation. “As if they always get it right! Just look at the clouds Looking!”

Checking started to say something, then checked himself. He focused internally. “I can feel it in my joints. It’s gonna happen!”

Looking gave Checking an irritated look. Moving moved like he was going to hug Checking.

Soon, it began to snow. Moving and Checking In proved to be right.