The P.O.W.ER of the mind

[vc_row 0=””][vc_column][vc_column_text 0=””]Destiny has been on my mind lately. Does it exist? What actually IS it? Do we follow a path that has already been set before us? Or do we make it all up as we move along? These are questions many wrestle with. These questions are lately the core of my OWN path. The simple answer is … there really is no simple answer. I have long ago come to the conclusion that the answer does not really matter; either we are living by someone else’s design or our own … we are still defined by the choices we make. Whether we make a choice because that is the choice we are somehow SUPPOSED to make, or because WE have determined that it is the choice we WANT to make, ultimately the results are the same.

Live a good life or not (what defines good anyway?); live the BEST life we are capable of living whether by our own choice or not … that is really all we can hope to achieve. So the question really becomes, “Which choices will allow me to be the best me I can be?” It is truly ironic how difficult many of us find such decisions; how many of us will then question if we have made the right choices or not. Some of us question so much that we practically paralyze ourselves, or worse yet abdicate our own right to choose and simply let others decide for us. That way is ultimately self-destructive, for we will not create the life WE want, but end up letting others define us.

That’s my lil’ sis …

Much of my creativity stems directly from these questions. Sometimes I am content with my own answers, sometimes I am not, and try to choose again. But either way, I have lived my life refusing to let others make those choices for me, which has often been a rough road. This is actually a family trait.

That segue was a hard one, but I finally arrived at it. For the real reason I am babbling here is to brag about and promote my sister, who has often struggled with her own path in similar ways. She has finally come to a choice not to give in to her inner demons, not to let self-doubt and lack of faith in her own choices stop her from recognizing the her own power, as a mom, as an academic, as a theater professional, and as a writer and creator. Today she has officially PUBLISHED a novel (even if it is not the first she has WRITTEN). It is a book that delves into the very questions I raised here, opening up avenues of thought that many may never have explored. Beyond that, it is simple entertaining and a good read. So if you are looking for a great book to read, or a great gift to share (or better yet both), buy a copy or three today! Get it at Amazon (available for Kindle too). Get it at Barnes and Noble. Get it at Kobo. Or better yet encourage your favorite book store or library to stock it. Introducing …