The Power of Perseverance

I was not sure what I was going to do for today’s post. I often draw a blank until suddenly something flips a switch and I have a post … thought sometimes it might be a day late. Today, I focused on working on a 3D modelling project I started a couple of days ago, letting the post percolate in the back of my mind. The project is a new effort for me in many ways. For one it completely from scratch … totally out of my imagination. Usually I will use components that either I have already created, or borrow parts from other sources and combine them in a unique way. It is also a very detailed creation, which is NOT my norm. I am a big picture kind of guy. Details are often quite a challenge for me. It took me few days create this. I often had to redo things that were the work of hours, because I screwed up (I still have a LOT to learn) or the computer had technical difficulties. On top of all this, my very demanding dog constantly wanted my attention, almost always at points were I wanted to totally focus.

If I am ONE thing, I am stubborn. I rarely give up … even when it might be in my best interest. I just finished my creation a little while ago, and it dawned on me I also had today’s Z to A post, since I am on the letter P. Like I said, I am stubborn. Another word for this is that I persevere.  So I have some artwork to share, AND a post dedicated to the Power of Perseverance.