The price of gluttony

One of the many duties my mother has taken upon herself is proprietress of an apparently well know birdie restaurant in the area. While there are several such restaurants throughout our neighborhood, ours seems a popular one. No doubt it gets high reviews in bird periodicals such as the Daily Tweet.

It has two major common areas, and a private suite for those who have specialized tastes, like Humming Birds. My mother takes her restauranteur duties seriously.  When Irene visited last week (a very outspoken hurricane for those of you who did not have the pleasure of meeting her), my mom decided to ignore any potential projectile qualities of the birdie restaurant, and left one of the common rooms hanging so the birds would not go hungry.

There is certain undesirable element that likes to frequent the birdie restaurant. Various mammalian types such as squirrels and chipmunks frequently visit despite efforts to keep them away. The surrounding cage does usually prevent them from acting like a sumo wrestler in an all you can eat restaurant, but they still often manage to get a few mouthfuls.

Today one determined chipmunk apparently decided that a few mouthfuls was simply not enough, and decided to raid the larder. He got himself fully in and wormed his way right to the top floor. Sadly by that time, his cheeks were so full that he could not get back out.


I’ll have to admit ya gotta admire his perseverance.