The proof is in the proof

One of the oddest creations of the modern world is the ID card. The concept that somehow a piece of plastic or paper with a picture on it is the ultimate proof that someone is who they say they are is somewhat mind-boggling to me. Especially considering how the verification that it is you actually happens. For instance in the US the primary source of identification is the State Driver’s License. Now of course this is different in every state, and technically most states won’t accept other state’s licenses as valid ID’s. So apparently you stop being you if you cross a state line. Of course there IS a form of ID that is universally acceptable by the whole nation, namely a Passport, but many people don’t have one, and most places that require an ID don’t know how to validate a Passport anyway.

Now in order to get a Driver’s Licence (or the non-driving equivalent a State ID), you have to prove you are you. This usually requires a few other forms of ID, generally at least one other with a picture on it (like a Passport) and something like a Birth Certificate. And probably something that proves you live in the state despite the fact that you are getting the license because your state demands you do so because you live in the state. Now the passport has similar requirements. A picture ID (like your Driver’s License), and a birth certificate.

To clarify, getting a Valid Driver’s License (which is only acceptable in YOUR state), requires a Passport (which is acceptable in every state) and a Birth Certificate. In order to get a Passport (which is acceptable in every state), you need a Valid Driver’s License (which is only acceptable in YOUR state) and a Birth Certificate.

""To clarify the clarification, getting A Driver’s License requires a Passport. Getting a Passport requires a Driver’s License.

To clarify the clarification of the clarification, if you are you in your state, you can prove you are you in the country. But in order to prove you are you in the country, you need to prove you are you in the state. Not to worry though, you have your Birth Certificate, which not only proves you are you, but also proves you were in fact, born. Ironically, the Birth Certificate has no picture on it, or in fact any information at all that will actually identify you as being you.

To clarify the clarification of the clarification of the clarification, in order to prove you are you, you need to prove you were born. But the only way to prove you were born is to have a properly stamped piece of paper that says that the person you are claiming to be was born.

So in fact no one can actually prove that they were born so ID’s are kind of useless.

How else can you explain how I once got into a concert that ID’ed at the entrance with a black GIRLS ID?