The River

Splash! The canoe enters the water from a steep slope. Immediately the current catches it. The rider attempts to gain control. For some the task is easy. For others the current may be too strong.

The river sweeps the canoe on. Many shores are passed; some beautiful beyond description, some bleak and ugly, but most fit for mortal tastes. Sometimes the rider may choose to visit a shore. Sometimes the river does the choosing. These visits are always for a measured time, often too brief.

The river sweeps the canoe on. Sometimes the water is slow and calm. Other times the water carries at a fearsome rate, tumbling over rocks and into pits. In such times, some may not be strong enough to survive the ride. Some may fall from the canoe; always get back in the boat, even if further down river.

The river sweeps the canoe on. What is the name of this mighty river? All have ridden on it, some more successfully than others. What is it called? This river, this great river of beauty and harshness, this river is called LIFE.