The why and the how of it …

We set our own limits ...
We set our own limits …

Everything we do in life is a choice. Even the mood we are in. People are always saying that they are searching for happiness. My take on it is that happiness is not something to look for, but something to choose to be. If we are unhappy, it is because we have not chosen to take the step necessary to be un-unhappy … i.e. happy. There is no law that says what we seek in life should be handed to us without any effort … if anything, the more effort expended to reach a goal … the more we value the goal. This pretty much applies to all aspects of our life. If we want to be happy … then do what we need to do to be happy. Similarly, if we want to be healthy, then we need to make it happen.The standard argument to this is life often interferes. “I can’t control what life has to offer me.” This is true. But also a convenient excuse. When life gets in the way … find a new path. Don’t just say, “The situation is out of my control, I can’t do anything about it.” If we truly WANT something in the very core of our being, then nothing can prevent us from obtaining it … except ourselves.

I know this as fact, because I have been this person. For the last few years, I have lived in a cage partially of my own making because I could conveniently blame everything on “circumstances beyond my control.” This way I did not have to take personal responsibility for no longer being an active member of society; losing any semblance of being a fit person; for gaining 40+ pounds and having no energy to function. Then my excuses began to fade away .. again life doing what life does, and suddenly I had no more excuses. So at that point I had to choose. Should I start living my life again, and rebuild healthy habits that would make me happy, fit, and an active person again? Or should I find more excuses to hide behind and become the next average victim of a lazy modern society.


I guess you all can guess what choice I made.

The first step to a healthy relationship with the world is a healthy relationship with ourselves. That means to love and respect ourselves as much as we would our children, or any other people close to us. This includes all aspects of ourselves. Our bodies, not matter what limitations they might be built-in, are the only ones we have, so we need to ensure that they work at the optimum they are capable of. This means regular maintenance. Not talking about losing weight, not wishing we could look or do things like that, but actively taking care of it. Once the vehicle is at its prime, then the passenger’s (us) world expands drastically. We can, and WILL do so much more with our lives.

Plain and simply, the very first step to fitness is to DECIDE TO BE FIT. COMMIT! How you do it is not the issue. People who have lost major weight, changing their whole lives, did it not because of the diet or program they used, but because they devoted themselves to changing their lives.  The programs and diets one uses are just the tools. It is the devotion to living healthy that truly matters. That is where I come in here. I have lived with the excuses. I know them all. Now I have made the commitment. But I am taking it a step further. I am also committed to helping OTHERS make their own commitment. Sometimes what is extremely difficult alone, can seem effortless when there are others doing it with us; when we have support. When I first started with Team BeachBody, I was a little turned off by the BeachBody. I am not about my appearance … I just want to feel good and be able to do things. But it did not take me long to realize that the keyword in that phrase is not actually BeachBody.

It is TEAM.

Who wants to join my team?