This just does not suit me!

This probably is no surprise to anyone who really knows me, but fashion completely baffles me.

I know, I know, it is hard to tell from my pictures. No doubt I impress all with my apparent grasp of haute couture. But don’t be fooled. Any resemblance to fashionable in my clothing is purely a horrible accident. I do understand the occasional need for uniforms and such.  It helps even the playing field a bit, and also helps identify those on your own team. What a mess any decently planned war would be if everyone dressed differently!

It amuses me how many of us react to the simple matter of clothing. Many westerners go up in arms about nations where the Hijab is common for instance. In this day and age of everyone worried about skin cancer, seems to me the Hijab makes perfect sense. Not to mention it is actually cooler in a hot environment. Westerners complain because they think men are dictating what woman should where … the last I checked, many fashion designers are men, so how is it any different? People really do make me laugh at times.

I see a fashion show and think I would pay everything I have to ensure anyone I am with would absolutely NEVER wear that, and they are considered high fashion. Yet I see something that makes someone look comfortable and happy, with colors that suit them, to me the height of beauty, and they are considered sloppily dressed. Someone please ‘splain to me!

But the biggest mystery to me is the whole concept of the corporate uniform … aka the suit. I don’t quite get what it is about someone tying a piece of cloth around their neck in a perfect way to easily strangle that makes it the height of male fashion. Especially when it was ultimately derived from a way to keep the dust out of the nostrils and wipe the sweat off the face. Seems a towel would be much easier … and more comfortable. I personally think suits look absolutely ridiculous … especially on me, but it seems I am a small minority in this belief. It truly boggles my mind!

"What's "Seriously"

I wore a suit the other day … maybe the fifth time in as many years. In my perverse way, I figured I would post a picture of it on FB … just to see what kind of reactions I would get. Unsurprisingly, I seem to get roughly three times the compliments that I would get if I had the same face in a T-shirt. I guess this is not all that funny to some folk, but this is my blog and it makes ME laugh, so I am putting it in as a humorous anecdote! 🙂

But seriously, what is the big deal?