Time dilation

Having a background in physics, the concepts related to relativity actually make sense to me.  But two elements that truly effect time (which after all is a man made invention) are perception and mood.  Neither of these manage to make it into the mathematical formulas, but these two elements actually cause the most recognizable forms of time shifts.  We have all experienced it.  The actual length of a unit of time is directly proportional to how bad your mood is.  For instance, I got up late this morning.  Of course I had to put gas in my car (which I knew in advance), but it turns out I also had to scrape the ice off the windows.  So now I started ten minutes later than expected.  Then , since I of course was already late, I kept getting behind cars that insisted on driving under the speed limit, and hit every single red light it was possible to hit (and I am pretty sure there where at least 3 new ones today).  Did I mention this was at 430 am this morning.  So tired, late, and annoyed, I had one of the longest rides to work I’ve had.  I swear it took 3 hours.  So how is it that despite leaving 10 minutes late, getting gas, driving slow, and hitting thousands of red lights, I only arrived 5 minutes late?

Einstein left a few things out me thinks.