Time for another gratuitous promo

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Before I actually set foot on the trail, I envisioned a certain level of daily progress, which would improve quickly as I continued along the trail.

I was quickly disabused of such silly ideas.

I forgot to take a few things into account: reality; the fact that these are mountains; the fact that I am a middle aged couch potato. Fortunately there was an easy solution … stopping often and taking many days off. Doesn’t make for speedy hiking, which is fine since I realized I am in no hurry. As a result I have already taken in a fair amount of local flavor (realizing how far off I was in budgetary planning in the process). The various establishments ranged from “I wish I were back in the woods” to “They are gonna let me IN there?”, though they all were alike in having welcoming staff. But my current location is an unexpected bit of homey luxury, so while I am in relax (repair?) mode, I figured I’d give them a shout out, especially since they are new.

Yep. It’s commercial time.

Need I say more? I am gonna anyway though. The Aquone Hiker Lodge is owned by Steve and Maggie. Wiggy (Steve) is himself a past thru-hiker, so he knows how to treat us desperate vagabond types. He and wife Maggie immediately make you feel welcome, and you know without a doubt every need will be met. Clean clothes, a shower, comfy … well … EVERYTHING … ensures that one will be very reluctant to leave (says the guy heading for night 3). Maggie cooks a mean meal, perfect for a hollow, ravenous hiker. Wiggy is very knowledgeable about the trail, and the region in general. Between the two of them nothing will be wanting.

I even had some hot tub time to untangle some severely knotted muscles.

In short (if I can still call this short), this is the type of place I would love to come to for a simple nature getaway. And the bestest part is the price is unbeatable. If you are hiking in the are, make sure you visit this gem of a “hostel”. If you are NOT hiking, come visit anyway. Guarantee the visit won’t be regretted.

Wiggy, Maggie … I’ll tell ya where to send my check ;).

Well tomorrow I should be refreshed and repaired enough to go back to being a dirty, hungry nomad for a few days again. Mostly thanks to my stay at the Aquone Hiker Lodge (though that name may change a bit).