Time the Magician

We are a world divided.

This takes no great insight to realize. One simply has to open their eyes and observe.

Our world is riddled with question that either have no answer, or worse yet have multiple answers. The loudest and most stubborn among us are always sure that their answers are the right ones, even if the answers disagree. Meanwhile the more disinterested, or maybe more open-minded, sit in between, either ignoring the struggles for who is right, or wondering why they can not accept the possibility of all answers having equal validity. Maybe truth will be found by combining instead of division?

This constant strife, this constant loud shouting of those who “know” but will not hear, can unsettle even the most settled personality. Cacophony can disturb any quiet. And sometimes retreat from the struggle is a necessity. That was partly what my recent taking a breath was all about. I have been off-center for far too long, letting the cacophony in … and needed to regroup. As a result my creative activities fell by the wayside for a bit. But I am starting up again, once again allowing the wonders of the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups to inspire me. The prompt this week:

….as the apple fell….

Slipping away from my normal humorous twists (except recently maybe) and with the above thoughts in mind, this is what I came up with …

As the apple fell … time stopped.


A story of beginnings. Faith born of fear. Of a need to know. Good and evil must have a reason.


A man of the faith watched. Thought: “Is faith enough?” Another world was created. This one of observable law. Yet the world of Faith still existed.


The worlds of faith and reason struggled. Grey between. Another world slid in. Legend. Fantasy.
A princess succumbed to jealousy, awaiting the magic of True Love.


Time, the Ultimate Magician returned. Universes went their own way. The apple hit the ground …

Life continued. Possibilities. Always possibilities.