Time to catch up!

As I think I may have mentioned along the way, I took a bit of a “vacation” that i just recently got back from. I am not sure one can truly call it a vacation when I don’t have a typical 9-5 life, but it was a change of scenery and a bit of refreshment for mind and soul nonetheless. One thing made this trip stand out a bit though. It may sound silly, but it was much more enjoyable simply because I had the ENERGY to enjoy it. All that exercising and dieting paid off in the most basic way. Buy regaining my fitness; by losing those extra unneeded pounds and actually having a reasonable diet, I can actually ENJOY those things that make life enjoyable. Sure, I got off routine both in exercise and diet while I was away, but the truth is it did not matter. I will get back on schedule with the exercise, but I was feeling good enough to do whatever came my way, which to me is proof that what I am doing is WORKING! And even though I may not have followed my diet, my eating habits have changed enough that I have a smaller appetite … and, more importantly, I know when to quit!

Pier 0026This may be the first time I EVER went on vacation and NOT gained a few pounds!

Fitness is not a chore. Fitness also does not need to be an addiction. It is a way of life and an attitude. Nothing says we can not enjoy the “good” things in life. What we need to learn to do is keep it in balance. Too much of ANYTHING can ultimately have negative effects. This actually includes fitness goals. If we do not respect our bodies … do not actually HEED it when it speaks to us, we may end up pushing it too far. This can end up causing us to go backwards. There is nothing wrong with occasionally stepping away from the routine, or even giving the body a rest. As long as we don’t make it a new habit, and get back on track again.

However that can sometimes be the tricky part. Time for me to do just that! Gotta get back into the routine and do me some heavy sweating!!