Time to fight fire with fire …

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I have been struggling for some time now. Struggling with my increasing difficulty to find my place in a world that I lose more and more respect for every moment.

I am an optimist. I believe … no KNOW in my heart that there is good in humanity. Coming from someone who claims to know nothing this is a major admission. And despite the escalation of human stupidity in the last few months; despite an almost determined effort of the world to pull the rug out from optimists everywhere, I am still willing to have this faith in human potential … though after this weekend I’ll admit it is buried very deeply.

The recent tragedy has really brought the darkest side of humanity into sharp focus. Not just what happened, but the response to what happened has truly sapped my spirit and sense of hope for a couple of days now.

This is no easy thing to do.

So many people did the token “I am so sorry that this happened”, and in the very next breath started using this event to promote their own agendas. It was (and still is) sickening to watch. Many can’t even have the decency of letting these people mourn in peace. My first reaction to hearing of this event … well after the tears and anger that it happened at all, was to immediately start thinking “What can I do to help these people?” and more importantly, “How can I help prevent this from happening again?”

My spirits sank even further when I finally admitted to myself that there really is not all that much I can do, especially alone. I am just one insignificant soul in a world of billions. I  can’t even manage to get my own life together let alone change the thoughts of the multitude.

Can't seem to find the borders. Hmmmm
Can’t seem to find the borders. Hmmmm

Then I had a crazy idea.

The key is that I cannot do it alone. Despite my feeling alone and helpless right now, I understand that I am far from alone. There are many people just as disgusted;  just as fed up; just as determined to make things better. And just as unsure exactly how. The world is going crazy! How do we fight crazy?

So maybe a crazy idea is just what we need. Fight fire with fire.

I presented the idea to some new yet incredible friends on FB, and got such a positive blast back that I am going to run with crazy, and see where it takes me. However, as I said, I can’t do it alone. I may be the spark that lights the fire, but I need as much fuel as can be gathered to make this fire big enough to warm the world. So here I am, searching for others willing to be a little crazy ….

Here is what I posted to my friends:

The other day I said I had a crazy idea. I needed to mull it through to see if it was worth sharing. I also said I would share it here first. Well I mulled, and slept, and dreamt about it … and I am thoroughly convinced it is still a crazy idea. But I also think it has merit, and could possibly make a difference … if done right and with the right kind of support behind it. So here is my crazy idea:

We all know the power the internet has. We also know that most who use it as a tool spend much time there. I propose the creation of an “online nation”. A nation not defined by arbitrary boundaries on a map; not defined by political or religious agendas; not defined by skin color or language, but rather a nation defined by a shared desire for peace and love to return to the world. A nation devoted to understanding and tolerance. I envision it as being a true democracy, with actual elected officials, a constitution, and laws of sorts. If enough people actually took something like this seriously; actually got involved, such an entity could actually have influence on the world. An economy could be created. Diplomatic ties could be established. And the voice of the world could actually be heard.

I know this is a completely insane idea, and most likely even if such a thing could exist, the world is not really ready for it yet. But no idea will get anywhere if it is not at least shared. Anyway, that was my crazy idea. For those of you who were curious. 😀

The main thing I am lacking to make such an idea a reality is a population for my nation. Anyone want to take part? If you like this idea in any way, feel free to throw feedback my way. Feel free to spread the word. Feel free to run for office in my new nation (as soon as we figure out our constitution). Or if you would prefer, laugh away at a maybe laughable idea. I am going to do it anyway.

We will see what craziness will bring.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]