Time to try this organization thang again …

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Life is ultimately about change.

This is no great revelation … a simple statement of observable fact. So why do I start my post with a statement of the obvious? Ultimately, because I need to start SOMEWHERE, and that is what worked for me. Yep, folks, I am once again on a ramble. Hope others enjoy the ride, because I am not sure where it is going myself.

I started this particular post with the intent of updating (for any interested), what is going on with my pretending to be a writer. But as often happens when I sit at the keyboard, my fingers decided they had other intentions. Before I let them go too far astray, I will slip in a writing update.

I have now officially started THREE (yep, that is 3, III, tres) projects that may someday end up with the dubious title of “Book”. The two that I have been talking about here for a long while got shelved when I started my great hiking adventure. The great hiking adventure turned into a great wandering adventure, but whatever it was (is?) labeled, it too decided it needed to be a book. So that manuscript has also been started … and shelved. Fortunately, my shelves are not all that hard to access, especially now that I am back in my cave of choice for the moment. So the current “to be book” list, complete with supposed story lines is as follows:

  • Rayson’s Tale (title pending) in which a boy with an unstained soul becomes adept at magic, thus getting sucked into an ongoing battle between “good” and “evil” … or is he just a dream of another “ordinary” boy? (roughly 70,000 words written)
  • Gusty’s Story (title also pending) in which a man searching for what is important in life who, after eating an oddly pulsing snack cake, finds himself not only on another world, but its foreordained savior. To complicate matters a little more, the prophecy is a lie. (roughly 30,000 words written)
  • “The Tao of Picnic” in which a disillusioned man wanders the world in search of  … well that is part of what he is trying to find out. Basically an exploration of philosophy and humanity through the many eyes of one wandering soul … except this one is a true story. (uncountable words written … the question is how many will make the final cut?)

This thought train was momentarily derailed by my other half. Brown Dog is completely addicted to playing with her new favorite toy … but I too must play.

As I look at what I have already written here, so I can re-rail the train, I realize that on the surface, all three stories sound very similar. Yet they are very different both in writing style and content when read. They DO hold one thing in common, which is ultimately the life view of their creator … which makes sense.

Maybe the reason that I have not completed any of them is that I have not completed my life view yet.

A random photo for a random post ...
A random photo for a random post …

Yep, life is ultimately about change. When I started this exploration of the writer’s world (hard to believe it has been five and a half years ago), I had no idea where it would lead me. Now, I am involved in 3 book projects, 12 blogs, world and self exploration … all while having no income and calling my mom’s attic (the cave) Home Base.

Funny thing is, I am no closer to knowing where I am going then when I started this journey.

I don’t know if anyone actually follows my blogs. And I find it really does not matter. I write to express ideas. Sometimes I just need to express them for my own better understanding. If others actually read the words, and take something from them … well that is just a bonus.

It seems that I am at the end of this particular finger wandering. I don’t think it ended up where I was aiming (it bears no relationship to the title, which came first), but I rarely know where I am aiming anyways. That is the joy (and frustration) of being me. Until the next time folks!![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]