Touching base

I first started this project for two primary reasons. One, because I know the value of taking care of ourselves on all levels, and also know how easy it is to let that slide. Especially for those of us who have a tendency to put others first. Add to that inundation of marketing and the supposed expectations of others, and many of us simply do not believe we can ever reach “healthy.” The second reason, was to help prepare myself for an adventure of a lifetime, both physically and maybe a little financially.

The physical benefits of cannot be denied. I have lost weight, regained strength and stamina, and (mostly) found my center again, by committing to doing so. The tools I used include the Team Beach Body products, and a I found them effective enough that I thought they are worth sharing. So I decided to become a “coach”, and maybe make some funds to help with my great adventure. Unfortunately, as I have mentioned before, I am no salesman, so I really have not managed that side of the project too much. That is not really an issue, this site is still available for those who can find value in it. I still offer the products, and also still offer myself as a motivator, or to help in anyway I can. But, for the moment at least< my main focus is getting myself set for my trip (I am hiking the full Appalachian trail this year, all 2200 miles), so have obviously not devoted much time to THIS project. But I want to keep it alive, and maybe when I get back from the hike I can put more energy into it.

No height is unreachable ...
No height is unreachable …

For this site is ultimately not about improving MY life, but helping you improve YOUR life. We all want to improve our lives, but sometimes we don’t believe we can, or don’t know how, or simply need an extra push. THAT is ultimately why I started It All Starts with the Body. A healthy body is the first step to a healthy mind, ultimately leading to a happy and healthy self. An exercise program is an exercise program, a diet is a diet. These are not what improve our physical health. They are just the tools we use to do it. What ultimately changes us is the commitment to do so. Only WE can make that choice, and only WE can keep to it. But that does not mean a little help is impossible.

So I apologize for not being here more for YOU. But this site is still here. The products offered here have worked for me (and many others) so they are very good tools if you DO choose to improve yourself. And I stand by my willingness to help in any way I can. I will check in occasionally here. I will NOT actively try to sell you something, because that is simply not who I am. But the options are still here.

Ultimately I am just an ordinary guy; I have often struggled with my own self care. Right now I am committed to improving myself, and if that can somehow inspire you to do the same, I am glad. Feel free to follow the details of my adventure. Better yet, how about join me. I extend an open invitation to ANYONE who wishes to join me for any portion of the hike. My progress can be tracked here. If you don’t think you CAN do such a thing , well neither did I, and even now I am not sure I will make it. the key is I am doing everything I am able to make it happen. Want to join me? That is as good an excuse as any to START the healthy path. The offer is open! I would welcome your company, and love to achieve a better self alongside you.

As always, feel free to contact me any time, with whatever questions or concerns you might have.