Translation issues

As I sat down to write this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Adults, I was thinking, “It seems like I just wrote one of these! Did the week really go so fast?” But then I realized I DID just write one of these. It is amazing how fast time goes when you procrastinate. This weeks challenge is to use the following 5 prompts plus 100 words to create something: Aghast  Aquamarine  Aeroplane  Acted  After.

I have to admit nothing jumped out at me at the first glimpse of the challenge. Then I made the mistake of reading some of those already written … all brilliant, and taking all the good ideas too … before attempting something on my own, and now I am wondering what I will manage to come up with. This time it will be as much a surprise to me as anyone reading it. Ok, here goes:

“I am aghast!” he said rather snootily. Personally I think he was overreacting a bit. After all we were basically speaking the same language. Just a few differences here and there. The way he acted, you would think I just crawled out from under a rock.

My irreverent nature took over again and I said “Gesundheit!”

I mean what was the big deal? He said “It is that aquamarine aeroplane over there.” All I answered was “Do you mean that blue airplane?” Good thing he did not ask what it was made of. I might have shocked him by saying … ‘ALUMINUM!’

I might be taking my life in my own hands with this one. Especially since many of the participants in this wonderful challenge are from across the big pond and thus speak “correct” English 🙂 To me it is truly fascinating … and sometimes amusing … how the same language can in some ways be so different just by changing the location it is spoken in. And we are not even involving accents this time. Hope nobody gets offended!