Veggie madness (an adventure begins)

I forgot that Chinese takeout containers often have metal handles.

At first nothing happened. Suddenly there was a blue spark in the microwave. And then another. And in seconds it looked like Frankenstein’s lab. Guessing this is not a proper way for a microwave to behave, I decided to turn it off. So I hit the clear/off button. And …

Nothing happened. The sparks kept shooting. And there was a thumping sound now. I tried the button again a few times, but still nothing. So I figured I would just open the door. That just shuts it off right?

I grabbed the handle and pulled. The door stayed shut and my hand slipped off the handle. Guessing I did not grab it right, I tried again with a firm grip.

It wouldn’t budge.

Weird! Determined to open the microwave now, I grabbed the handle with both hands, put one foot on the counter for leverage, and pulled with all my might. It opened a fraction of an inch. And then slammed shut again.

And was that a growl?

My next thought was that I should unplug the microwave. Unfortunately, it was a wall unit. So I could not easily access the plug. Getting a little worried at this point, I grabbed for something to use as a weapon. Just in case.

No doubt the rubber spatula would do nicely.

The microwave began shaking. And there were some pretty scary noises coming out of it. And then suddenly with a cough and a sputter, it shut itself off. And everything got veeeeerrrry quiet. The kind of quiet that makes you want to pull the sheets over your head as you cry for your mommy.

I gripped my spatula tightly.

Whoever was directing this scene had his timing perfect. Just when the tension was at its most unbearable, the microwave door slammed open. I looked around trying to find the little girl who screamed before I realized it was me.

Lots of steam. Something laughed an evil vegetable laugh.

Then the steam cleared, and the real horror stepped forward. A piece of broccoli flexed and growled at me. Some carrots eyed me menacingly. A snow pea pointed at me with intent.

And those were the friendlier vegetables.

They all jumped on the counter. And began to grow …

To be continued (maybe) …