About Taochild

This is always the toughest part of any blog, social site, application, date … well basically I never know how to answer when someone says: “Who are you?” Most people seem unhappy with “I am me”, so I will try a bit more detail.

taochildI am a guy (named Steve). Always have been. Born and grew up south of Boston, and for the moment lodged there again. I was raised in a typical middle class household, which is to say there was nothing typical about it. For much of my youth I had two sisters, a mom, a dad, a dog, and an endless stream of hamsters called George. Oh and for a short period my turtle Pokie. Now that I am a much older youth, I still have two sisters, plus a brother-in-law, two nieces and a nephew (one of the nieces and the nephew are four-legged), a mom (dad said his last goodbyes a short time ago) and a varying number of cats vying for space with me.

I have no career to speak of, so I call myself a writer. To help maintain the masquerade, I have a whole slew of  blogs, to share with the world my incredible wisdom and talent …. er … um … keep busy. I also have two never-ending books in the making, though that number could grow.

I am basically an earthy crunchy technophile – can’t get enough of nature and will gladly chain myself to that tree, as long as I have my smart phone to play with. I am best defined by my opposite which is me.

If you really wanna know more, the best way is to visit my creations (i.e. my other blogs) because they are really the essence of me:

If you are bored enough to want to see the whole gory story of my life check out this page (much easier than typing it all over again). Or, if you have had enough of me, go over and take a peek at my partner in crime … The Idiot.