About The Idiot

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“The Journey is the Destination”

In this hiking partnership that Steve and I have, he is obviously the brains of the operation, while I on the other hand, am “The Idiot”.

My name is Mark G. Pakulak, although everyone who knows me, including my loving family, all just call me “Idiot”.

My family and I reside in a tiny little town in rural North Texas called Runaway Bay. I am originally from Oregon and was born into a military family, resulting in my growing up all over the planet until I was in High School when my Dad retired and we settled back home in Oregon. I married a Texas gal and we have called Texas home for the past 22 years.

We have three children, ranging in age from 16 to 26, and by the time this blog goes public, our first grandchild will have arrived.

I have held many jobs over the course of my life, including Air Force Intelligence Analyst, Airline Sales Agent, Insurance Agent, Computer Tech Specialist, and Nurse. Now, like Steve, I list my occupation as “Writer”, having authored enough blogs in recent years that if I were to walk into WordPress Headquarters, everyone would turn and yell out “Idiot!!” in the same fashion that everyone in the CHEERS bar would yell out “Norm!!” whenever Norm Petersen would walk into the bar.

Back in 1999, I was working in the Information Technology field as a Government contractor when I went in for a “routine” back surgery. During the surgery, the surgeon had a small “oops” moment which unfortunately resulted in my being permanently disabled with a rare Neurological condition called Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES). Worry not, it took 8 long years to resolve legally, but I did sue everyone involved with my little “oops” moment and did eventually receive settlements from all the quacks involved.


I have been a Disabled Househusband ever since, drawing disability benefits from my former employer and from Social Security Disability.

I know what you’re thinking. This guy’s disabled and he plans on hiking over 2,000 miles? What? Is he crazy?

No, I’m just an Idiot.

I love Hiking, Photography, Drawing, all types of Music except Rap, Movies, sports, travelling, eating, sleeping, small pets, taking cruises, writing, liberal politics, and the never-ending search for the Meaning of Life.

I used to be 6’2″, weighed about 160 lbs, and had wonderful curly red hair back in the days when I was a long distance runner averaging about 80 miles a week.

Now, my wife says I have shrunk to about 5’7″, I weigh about the same as two pregnant Water Buffalos, and my hair is Santa Claus white, in these current days where just waddling to the fridge gets me winded.

Here I am at the fridge, huffing and puffing, probably on the verge of a cerebral hemorrhage, frantically searching for any chocolate products, all the while……

I’m going to be hiking over 2,000 miles up and down every mountain on the Eastern Seaboard in just one short year.

I told ya I was an Idiot.

These days, I can be found blogging at www.theidiotspeaketh.com


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