Additional “Crazy” Plans (you can click it now)

In every evil genius planning to take over the world movie worth watching, there is always that moment when the Big Bad eloquently lays out their whole plan for the hero (who is no doubt strapped into a laser chair dangling over a tank of starved alligators with machine guns grafted to their heads). The Big Bad will of course throw in a necessary evil laugh because they know the hero is doomed and can do nothing about it. Of course at this point something happens that allows the hero to make their miraculous escape, ending up with Island of Doom blowing itself in to little bitty pieces.

We have a lot of other things to do, so we are going to jump the gun and just reveal our dastardly plan now.

By the end of roughly three years, six months, thousands of miles will have been walked, pounds galore will have been shed, and two Idiots will be world-famous and have countless adoring fans. We will doubtless be worshiped by many, and our new improved manly physiques will be worthy of envy. But we have decided that this is not reward enough!

This is where our groupies come in.

Money, money, MONEY!We are asking folk to contribute to our motivation, and actually help make this endeavor something more than just personal journeys into greatness. How? Money of course! Not money for us though. The idea is for people to make pledges to the charity of their choice. One can pledge by mile, by pound lost, or maybe even make their own requirements. For instance  maybe someone would like to donate a dollar per pound lost to Over-eaters Anonymous. Or maybe something per mile walked to Disabled Hiker’s of America. You guys can set the amounts, the charity, even the date range you want it applied to. And if you would like to give us an additional kick in the but, maybe set a restriction like we must walk at least 6 miles a day.

None of this money will come to us, but we would still like to track things, such as who donated, where it was donated, and how much we managed to raise. We will post updates on a regular basis (such as monthly). This basically applies to training as well as the actual hike. If anyone is interested, please fill out THIS FORM. And don’t forget to tell everyone else about it too! The more adoring fans … er … um … money we manage to raise, the better!

(The Idiot chimes in)

Steve has come up with this great plan in which our physical and psychological tortures of the next few years will actually benefit OTHERS. In my blogging career, I have been fortunate enough to do a few things for charitable purposes and their truly is no better feeling than helping those in need, no matter how large or small the contribution. Whether it being a pledge of a penny, nickel, dime, etc. for each pound that the two of us manage to lose before the hike, a pledge based on how many miles we actually complete on the hike, or just a flat pledge to the charity of your choice for whatever reason you may have, every little bit will help the charities you choose to support. I have a relative that started a Firefighting Charity called Global Mission Readiness that I personally will be looking to support in any way I can. I will be hitting up ALL my family members to pledge a small amount based on pounds lost or mileage completed, but will ask that they make a larger contribution if Steve and I actually successfully complete the entire trail.


As Steve indicated, we will not be involved with the money in any way. We will just provide a place to document the charities that are being supported, and will then leave it to ya’ll to pledge and support the charities of your choosing at your convenience. Having worked with my relative that started the Firefighting charity, I can assure you that EVERY donation, no matter how small, is much needed and greatly appreciated. (Not to mention Tax-Deductible) There are tons of wonderful charities out there, both Nationally and Locally. Maybe you want to support the Red Cross, or the American Cancer Society, The Susan Komen Foundation, or maybe just support your local animal shelter or pledge to your member Church, society, or organization. We just ask that if you have the means at all, no matter how small, that you help us in helping others through this crazy little adventure we are embarking on. Thanks in advance from the Idiot!

P.S. Any suggestions on how to improve this plan will be welcome, and probably stolen. Let us know in comments or on our FB Page.

Check out the pledges already made