“The [Slightly Modified] Plan”

Once upon a time, a middle-aged Idiot came up with a Plan. It was a bold Plan. A life changing Plan. And, to many, a CRAZY Plan. Yet also a Plan not to be done alone. The Idiot knew that only another middle-aged Idiot would even consider doing such a Plan, and he had a perfect one in mind. The conversation went something like this:

THE Idiot: “This is my Plan.”

Idiot #2: Takes a partial breath. “I’m in.”

And in a flash pending history was made.

It case it is not obvious, I am Idiot #2.

The Plan basically is for hike the Appalachian trail from one end to the other. Roughly 2200 miles.


Now this wonderful Plan has continued to evolve since its first inception. First we created this little website, so that our fame would quickly grow and we could get a cheering section if our spirits and will lagged a bit. Then we had another inspiration, instead of just being a crazy idea for to guys in the middle of a mid-life crisis, maybe we could also do some good for OTHERS as well. In a world that has lost its sense of proportion, wouldn’t it be awesome if a couple of folks could raise a few dollars for charities just by walking a few thousand miles? So we invited any interested in our crazy Plan to spread the word and make pledges to charities of their choice based on well, what ever aspect of our trip they wanted to. Miles hiked; pounds lost … it is totally up to the pledger.

The cast of this show has changed a bit over time. At one point, we had a Third Idiot intent on joining us. However, that tricky bugger called life has managed to step in, and The Plan has had to change significantly in the past few months. The Idiot suffers from a condition known a Cauda Equina Syndrome … one of the original inspirations for The Plan. Idiot #3 also suffers from this condition. As a result. neither will be able to physically do the hike, even if their spirits are in it 110%.

I am continuing though … for them, for me, for charity. As far as I am concerned, this is still The Idiot’s plan, I am just helping it along. Currently, I have a partner for at least the first part of the Trail, who is going by the trail name of Maytag. He is just as committed as we are to making this a wonderful and maybe useful hike.

There is a final part of The Plan though. The blog will continue to document the adventure, and hopefully continue to raise funds for various charities (Maytag is personally affiliated with the Wounded Warrior Project). Ultimately this should turn into a book, and maybe when it hits the best seller list … a movie. Ok maybe my aim is a little high there. But ya never know!

Join us in the adventure of a life time!