Waves on my serenity

My mind is troubled today.

Troubled in the way of a placid lake on a windy day. There are waves on my serenity.

Apparently I think differently than most people. I tend to think in patterns, when most are focused on details. Because of this, I have a holistic view of reality. I believe everything is interconnected on some level. Even if we can not perceive the connections, they are there. Sometimes I sense patterns that I can’t fully define. When the pieces of the pattern are obviously connected, then a little focused thought will probably reveal the pattern to me.

Not so when the various pieces are, on the surface at least, not connected at all.

Waves on my serenity.

A new pattern beckons to me.

Some of the pieces:

In the writing a smaller pattern emerges. Hmmmm.

There are more pieces. Some too ephemeral for me to even describe. The pattern is there. I sense it. There is an indistinct yet definite shape beneath the waves.

Yet it eludes me. I sense its importance. To me at least. But I, like everyone (and everything) else am also just a piece of The Great Pattern. So maybe important to all.

My mind is troubled today.

There are waves on my serenity.

Photo by Steve Kramer