We have a clean canvas now. Grab your paint brush!

paint setNow that the world has ended, I feel all fresh and rosy. It’s not everyday we get to create a whole new world! I already have my smock on, and have some bright new colors to start painting. I suppose some of us are waiting until the holidays are over. I know the whole apocalypse thing was a bit of a disappointment for some. After all we used to be a world that thrived on violence and strife. It would have much more satisfying for the masses if it really was mass destruction and violent upheaval. Sadly the world went with but a sigh and a whisper.

Fortunately all the “holier than thou’s” have been swept up, and the fanatics on the other side of the fence are now partying with their harem of virgins. The truly nasty folks are getting third degree burns somewhere, and the unbeliever’s and heretics are no doubt all dust by now. I guess that just leaves us sensible folk to start from scratch. Maybe this time we will get it right!

In all seriousness, I think on a certain level the end of the world DID come. I sense a shift in the force. With the recent insanity of the world, it seems more and more  people are “waking” up. This season, more than any I remember in many a year, people are starting to not only say “This should not be!”, but to actively take steps to change it. I believe what the Mayans predicted (and indeed other religions as well) was not the destruction of the world as we know it, but a new era for mankind. We have just lived through the Age of the Idiot … now we are about to enter the Age of Enlightenment. It will not happen overnight. Most likely it will take much time. But we have taken the first step. We have begun to open our eyes and see what a mess we made of the first work of art. So now we can get a fresh canvas and start all over.

So come on folks! Grab your paintbrush. We have work to do!!