Well placed epiphanies

It is a simple fact that no destination can be reached if we do not at least take one step towards it. Often that first step is the hardest. But it also the most important one. No journey can be undertaken until we actually CHOOSE to undertake it. I have been hiding from the world for a few  years now. Sure I go out in public. But I am not taking part in the world.

This shames me.

Recently I have chosen to change this. Making a choice to write a book was partly with that intent. Ironically, in some ways it is making it easier for me to hide. This must change.

Today I made a choice to stop hiding. I forced myself to walk out the door. And I walked a few tens of yards until I stumbled over an epiphany. It took the form of a simple path to a water tower. I have walked by this path many times in the 20+ years my parents have lived in this house. For years, when my dad was still my dad, he always said someday we need to go up that path. I always agreed.

Yet we never did.

It dawned on me, standing there across the street from this path, that I will never see what is there if I never take that first step. It made me think how often we do not see what is right there before us because we simply do not make the choice to actually look. So I crossed the street, and this is what I found:


I returned to the street and walked another few hundred yards, and tripped over the same epiphany. There across the street was another path, that I  “knew” was just a short path leading to a small fishing hole. Another path that we “need to take”. And never did. This is what I found there:



Much more than I “knew” was there. Another subtle reminder how limiting “knowing” anything can be.

There is so much of life right here for us to live; for us to experience and embrace. We just need to be sure that we open our souls to it. Don’t be like I have been. Don’t hide from life. Don’t let what you “know” prevent you from trying new things. Don’t miss what is right in front of you because you are too busy staring off into the distance.

I once before wrote a post called Live while you are living. I realize I need to add to that.

Live WHERE you are living too.