Monthly Archives: July 2013

Mirrors and scales are NOT your friends

Anyone who has gained weight, then gone through the process of trying to lose it again, knows that it is not a situation of “equal and opposite”. Somehow what it seems to take mere days to gain, takes weeks or even months to lose. There are reasons for this, some of them scientific explanations, but ... Read More

100%. NOW.

While focusing on our physical health is very important to a general improvement of ourselves, it is not the ONLY thing we need to focus on. Stress is a physical reality, an actual medical condition with documentable symptoms. Not everyone realizes this. But ironically, though it has strong effects on the body, stress is often ... Read More

The proof is in the pants …

I just took this picture today, both for my own sense of pride and to share a little of “this too could be you”. When I first started seriously working on my weight a few months back, I really did not think about taking before and after pics. I chose Team BeachBody because it seemed ... Read More

21 days to a better you …

Everyone has habits. We all have patterns we fall into, even the most free thinking of personalities. The habits may be small, hardly noticeable, even to ourselves, but we all have them. Wether a habit is good or bad is really up to each individual. Only WE really can say if there is something about ... Read More

Why should I put myself through that?

Make myself sweat for a half and hour or so just so I can hurt all day? Why  would I want to do that? I KNOW I am not the only person who has asked myself a question like that when I was first thinking about exercising again. Especially when it had been so long ... Read More

The why and the how of it …

Everything we do in life is a choice. Even the mood we are in. People are always saying that they are searching for happiness. My take on it is that happiness is not something to look for, but something to choose to be. If we are unhappy, it is because we have not chosen to ... Read More

Maybe I should introduce myself …

If you are here on this site, something caught your attention. But, unless you already know me, you might at this point be wondering: “Who IS this guy, and why would I want him to help me? I mean, what is so special about him anyway?” I guess a good place to start would be ... Read More