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Maybe I should re-introduce myself …

Much has changed in my life since I first introduced myself and this project. I am updating the site so it is more current to who I am today. It seems appropriate to modify my self-introduction as well. So here is the new and improved “Who the hell am I?”: If you are here on ... Read More

Healer, heal thyself!

Those who fall into the category of healer or caretaker often share one character “flaw”. They all to often forget to apply the same level of care to themselves. This is really true of ANY giving personality. We tend to place others before ourselves, to our own detriment. And this can be a very hard ... Read More

A shift in focus

I have always understood the value of a healthy lifestyle … maybe more so when I was not living one. Usually when I slip away from one is in the darker times of my life, which is not really so unusual. Self-abuse … even passive aggressive self-abuse … is not uncommon when we are unhappy ... Read More

Adding a little bit of clarity

When I started with Team BeachBody, my primary intent was to start getting into shape again. It has been my experience that no matter WHAT the ads say; no matter what any fitness programs claims, the true path to fitness is the sincere desire to change our life. How we do it; the exercise program ... Read More

Motivating each other

Creating a fitness lifestyle requires a lot of discipline and routine. Unfortunately, not everyone is disciplined or works well with routine. I am a perfect example. While I can be very disciplined in specific instances, I am far from a disciplined personality. And routine, frankly, drives me insane. I thrive on variety … even in ... Read More

The why and the how of it …

Everything we do in life is a choice. Even the mood we are in. People are always saying that they are searching for happiness. My take on it is that happiness is not something to look for, but something to choose to be. If we are unhappy, it is because we have not chosen to ... Read More