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Hello world!

Welcome to The world thru my eyes. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Mind over matter

I recently encountered this meme while exploring the digital world: This is true. Basically, any type of self-improvement is first and foremost a mental challenge. Stripped down to the basics, humans are ultimately a combination of habits and perceptions. How we perceive ourselves will determine the habits we develop, and thus how we live our ... Read More

Excuses, excuses …

A friend of mine posted this on FB the other day: I want to lose 15 pounds by January 1…. I hate strict diets, don’t exercise much, and will not give up drinking. Any ideas? While this was partly said in jest, there was also truth in it, so along with the multiple other suggestions ... Read More

Adding a little bit of clarity

When I started with Team BeachBody, my primary intent was to start getting into shape again. It has been my experience that no matter WHAT the ads say; no matter what any fitness programs claims, the true path to fitness is the sincere desire to change our life. How we do it; the exercise program ... Read More

Why should I put myself through that?

Make myself sweat for a half and hour or so just so I can hurt all day? Why  would I want to do that? I KNOW I am not the only person who has asked myself a question like that when I was first thinking about exercising again. Especially when it had been so long ... Read More

Maybe I should introduce myself …

If you are here on this site, something caught your attention. But, unless you already know me, you might at this point be wondering: “Who IS this guy, and why would I want him to help me? I mean, what is so special about him anyway?” I guess a good place to start would be ... Read More