’tis the season!

As much as many people might love this time of the year, it also happens to be one of the toughest times of years when it comes to fitness goals. Between social gatherings filled with all sorts of yummy but less than healthy foods, and the weather making routine exercise more difficult, and increased stress ... Read More

A shift in focus

I have always understood the value of a healthy lifestyle … maybe more so when I was not living one. Usually when I slip away from one is in the darker times of my life, which is not really so unusual. Self-abuse … even passive aggressive self-abuse … is not uncommon when we are unhappy ... Read More

Excuses, excuses …

A friend of mine posted this on FB the other day: I want to lose 15 pounds by January 1…. I hate strict diets, don’t exercise much, and will not give up drinking. Any ideas? While this was partly said in jest, there was also truth in it, so along with the multiple other suggestions ... Read More

What am I doing here?

I realize I have been very quiet here lately … a sure way to chase away the few people who might be interested in this little project.  The truth is that I have been have a crisis of faith. Faith in myself; faith in my motives. The first step to making ANY project work is ... Read More

Adding a little bit of clarity

When I started with Team BeachBody, my primary intent was to start getting into shape again. It has been my experience that no matter WHAT the ads say; no matter what any fitness programs claims, the true path to fitness is the sincere desire to change our life. How we do it; the exercise program ... Read More

Motivating each other

Creating a fitness lifestyle requires a lot of discipline and routine. Unfortunately, not everyone is disciplined or works well with routine. I am a perfect example. While I can be very disciplined in specific instances, I am far from a disciplined personality. And routine, frankly, drives me insane. I thrive on variety … even in ... Read More

Time to catch up!

As I think I may have mentioned along the way, I took a bit of a “vacation” that i just recently got back from. I am not sure one can truly call it a vacation when I don’t have a typical 9-5 life, but it was a change of scenery and a bit of refreshment ... Read More

Mirrors and scales are NOT your friends

Anyone who has gained weight, then gone through the process of trying to lose it again, knows that it is not a situation of “equal and opposite”. Somehow what it seems to take mere days to gain, takes weeks or even months to lose. There are reasons for this, some of them scientific explanations, but ... Read More